Amazon Visa Credit Card Features Review

Amazon Visa Credit Card

Amazon Visa Credit Card

The Amazon Visa credit card, like the AARP credit card, is a card offered by Chase Bank and can be used on and wherever Visa is accepted. As for the evaluation and its rating.

The Amazon visa is one of the top card available because it does not charge annual costs, the APR’s rate is 14.49% – 22.49%, cash advance APR Rate is 25.24% and it has a cash advance fee of 5%, at least $10.

Amazon Visa credit card is a cash back card that offers a wide range of discounts deals that are associated with it. Users of the Amazon’s Visa credit card can save money directly on gift vouchers and travel on The Amazon Visa Credit Card does not involve additional costs and offers great shopping opportunities.

Features of Amazon Visa Credit Card

  • There are no annual costs associated with the Amazon Visa credit card.
  • Users can get a 3% discount on what they bought with a credit card
  • $50 immediately application is approved
  • 2% discount to gas stations, pharmacies, and restaurants.
  • A 1% discount on all other purchases for which the visa was accepted.

How to Apply

  • To get the credit card, start by going to the main app page on
  • Enter the login details and click Register and apply now.
  • Once you have entered the login data, you will be redirected to the new site where the request form is displayed.
  • Before continuing to fill out the form, be sure to confirm your credit history. To continue the application,
  • Enter the required information, and Click on the field that applies after you have entered the necessary login details.
  • Read the privacy statement and click on continue
  • Complete the Contact Security section by entering the main phone number, social security number, date of birth, and surname of your mother.
  • Before submitting the application form, check that you have entered the financial information correctly.

How to Check the Status of the Application / Cancels the Credit Card Application

The applicants can check the status of the application by contacting customer service at 1-888-247-4080. And if you want to cancel the request, you can contact the customer using the information provided earlier or send an e-mail to the card service, PO Box 15298 Wilmington, DE 19850.

How to Login

  • To access your online account, it is important to first sign in by visiting the Amazon card issuer’s home page.
  • Enter your username and password, and then click Login

Payment of Bills Online

To pay your bills online, sign in to your account first, following the instructions provided. You will find a payment option when you open the account page. However, you can authorize a direct debit. This allows the bank to pay bills immediately at the time and date required, without having to run around to make yourself.