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Posted on February 21, 2019December 28, 2019 by Rotary International Visa Signature Credit

Rotary International Visa Signature Credit Card

Rotary International Visa Signature Credit Card

The Rotary International Visa Signature Credit Card is credit card offered by Bank of America. The card has good reward program. You will be happy to know that this card does not have an annual fee and that, for each purchase you receive, the part will be transferred to the Rotary Foundation at no additional cost. To learn how to apply, go through the post below.

Features of Rotary International Visa Signature Credit Card

Earn 3% in cash discount when purchases is made on gas up to the first $ 2,500 in eligible purchases every quarter, and Earn 2% in cash discount at grocery stores, Earn 1% in cash discount on all other net purchases

0% APR for the first 12 months for all purchases and balance transfers made during the first 60 days, $ 100 cash bonus after spending $ 500 in the first 90 days

No Annual fee

Cash Advance APR 16.24% up to 25.24% based on your credit rating for direct deposits and cash advances, 5.24% for bank cash advances (annual percentage rates can be changed)

Charge on cash advance is $ 10 or 3% of the value of each transaction, whichever is greater (direct payments in cash), or $ 10, or 5% of the value of each transaction, whichever is greater

Late payment fee is up to $ 37

Purchase APR 13.24% up to 23.24%, depending on your creditworthiness (APR may change)


To obtain approval of this card, the following requirements must be met:

You have at least 18 years of age.

But at least 21 years of age, if you live in Puerto Rico,

Must be a resident of the United States or one of the approved areas of the United States

You have a valid SSN

How to Apply for Rotary International Visa Signature Credit Card

Step 1: To start the credit card application process for Rotary International Signature, go to its website After going, locate the Credit Card tab. And select the Apply link to continue.

Step 2: In the application form, enter the required general information in the specified field

Enter your social security number, date of birth, mother’s last name, citizenship and state of your marital status

Step 3: Use the drop-down menu to indicate your work status.

If you are an employee, indicate the name of the company or employer, the number of years of work, the occupation number and the telephone number of the company.

If you are a student, additional information is required. Enter the necessary information in the corresponding fields

Step 4: At this point, simply enter the total annual income and the source of income.

Step 5 – Here you can consolidate the previous balances, you can perform a balance transfers. You can also add an authorized account user to your account if you wish.

Step 6 Before sending your card application, take a little time to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of use of this credit card. If you meet the conditions established by Bank of America, click on Continue

Step 7: Scroll to the bottom of the page and tick the field provided to indicate your consent to the terms of Bank of America.

If you are sure that each of the previous steps was completed successfully, click on Send Application to send your card request to Bank of America for verification.

Rotary International Visa Signature Credit Card Login

Go to the Bank of America secure login portal.

There you must enter your ID and password online in the blank fields. After entering your login information, click on Login to access your online bank account.

If you do not remember your online access code or access code for your account and can not log in, click on the Login Options link below the login fields.

There are three different options available in this process.

Choose an option that matches the one you have forgotten.

To retrieve an online identification that you have forgotten, enter the empty fields or the complete account number, the complete social security number or your tax identification and access code. Click on Continue and on the next page follow the instructions to download the identity online.

To retrieve your account password, Bank of America will ask for your full card number or account number, complete social security number, or your tax identification and identification online. Click Continue after entering the required information.

On the next page, follow the on-screen instructions to recover the forgotten password.

If you have forgotten your online identification and password, you will be asked to enter only the complete card number or account number and the complete social security number or tax identification number.

By clicking Next and following the instructions on the following pages, you can recover your login data.


To activate your new card, you can contact the customer service agent using the number 1 (800) 276-9939.

Telephone: 1 (800) 732-9194

Mailing Address: Bank of America // PO Box 982234 // El Paso, TX // 79998-2234


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