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Posted on March 8, 2019March 8, 2019 by Purdue Federal Visa Secured Credit

Purdue Federal Visa Secured Credit Card

Purdue Federal visa secured credit card

This credit card, the Purdue Federal Visa Secured Credit Card is issued by Purdue Federal credit. This credit card has a  decent annual interest rate of 11.5% to 17.5%, depending on your credit rating, with the introduction of 1.9% of APR during the first 12 months. There is also a basic reward program with 1 point for every $ 1 spent.

Features of Purdue Federal visa secured credit card

Earn 1 point per $1 spent on purchases

A signup bonus of 1.9% introductory APR for first 12 months

No annual fee is required with this card

The Cash Advance APR is set at 11.5% – 17.5% Cash Advance is not required with this card

Late Payment Fee is Up to $25

Purchases APR is set at 11.5% – 17.5%


To be eligible for this credit card, You must meet the following requirements:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • You have a US social security number

Apply Now for Purdue Federal visa  credit card

Step 1: Before you can access the online application, you must click on the homepage link and click Apply now.

Step 2: Then enter your email address, then create and enter your password. They will be used in case you want to save your application at any time. When you’re ready, click on Run my application.

Step 3: Now go to the credit card on the page shown and click Apply to get the credit card

Step 4:  Click on the privacy check of the online application to access the verification code in the linked document. Enter your code in the blank field in the Information section, then click Verify code. Click on the link to continue and the following three links will appear:

Disclosure and reconciliation of the Visa card.

Payment terms in cash

Disclosure and consent to sign an electronic rental application.

Click, read and accept each of the documents attached to the links. Click Next to go to the application page.

Step 5: After switching to the application page, you can start by completing all the following information: Preferred branch, The general purpose of this application, first name, SSN, Birthdate, Membership number, Membership period, Citizenship status, secure with Purdue

Step 6 Scroll down and enter the following information in the Contact Information section: Home phone, Business telephone mobile number, Email address, The preferred contact method.

Step 7- Then you must enter each of the following elements in the sections “Driver’s license and current address”: Identification number, State identification, Country ID, Expiration date ID, address, Postal Code, city, state, State of residence, The duration of time in this location

Step 8: Indicate Yes or No, if you want to receive information about the member protection plan, select your card’s project from the drop-down menu and select the appropriate rating from the Tell us more about yourself drop-down menu. Select the option Yes or No in the joint report option section to indicate whether you want to add a Co – card owner to request or not. After completing all of these steps, you can click Next to go to the next page.

Step 9: To determine your solvency, you must provide the following employment information: State of employment, Occupation/position, employer, Name of superior, Duration of employment, Years in the profession, Complete employer address (address, zip code, city and state), Employer phone number

Step 10: To further specify your solvency, provide the following information in the “Monthly income” section: Monthly gross income, Other income (up to 2)

How to Login to Purdue Federal visa secured credit card

From the Purdue Federal website, go to the login window and enter your member account and click on Login. You must enter your password and click on Login to access your online banking portal.

Forgot password or username?

To retrieve your password, click on the link I forgot my password or I lost my password in the login windows to regain access to my account, enter the following information and click Send to reset or download your login information: User ID, Full name and surnames, Birthdate, Account number, Email address, house phone number

After clicking on the Send button, if your account is authenticated, you can reset or recover your login

Activate the Purdue Federal visa secured credit card

Call the toll-free number 1 (800) 627-3328   to speak with a customer care representative. After the card has been activated, you can register directly in your account through the Purdue Federal website. Begin by clicking on the secure Registration link. This link will redirect you to the terms of the contract for the provision of online, mobile and text banking services.

Read and accept the terms and conditions if you wish to register for Purdue Federal online banking.

On the following pages, set the password and the user ID. After completing this brief process, you can access your account at any time through the Purdue Federal website.


1 (800) 627-3328

EMail Address: Purdue Federal // PO Box 1950 // West Lafayette, IN 47996

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