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Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit

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Posted on March 18, 2019March 20, 2019 by Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit

Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

The Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card is issued by Comenity Bank. This is a good credit card option for you with a 25% signup bonus to it. It can be used any of the Victoria secret stores and associates. The card comes with lots of pecks that will suit your need.
Victoria Secret Credit Card

Features of Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

Earn double points on bras all year long and points for linking your card to social media outlets, VIP and  members get 3x at purchasing events throughout the year

  • A signup bonus of 25 points
  • Annual Fee is $0
  • Cash Advance APR is set at 24.99% APR
  • Cash Advance Fee is $10 or 3%, whichever is greater
  • Late Payment Fee is Up to $35
  • Purchases APR is set at 24.99% AP


To be eligible to receive this card, the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Have a valid social security number
  • Have a valid ID with a photo issued by the government.

Apply Now for Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

Step 1 –  To apply for the card, you must first go to the website, at the end of which you will find the first step to request a card, select the desired design for the new card, click “Start Application” to start a series of forms that will help Comenity know about it.

Step 2 – At this point, you will have to provide basic personal information. The exact details required is the following: Full name and surnames, Social Security number, Birthdate

Step 3-  Next, you must collect all your annual income details and enter them in the corresponding field.

Step 4 – To request this card, a US address is required. If you have the correct address, enter the following information in the corresponding fields to continue with the sign up: House number, Apartment number (if applicable), city, state, Postal Code

Step 5-  Enter your phone number and email address that you wish to link to your account. Note that Comenity reserves the right to contact you through any telephone or email account you provide about unrelated offers and new offers.

Step 6 – You will be asked to provide details for users of more authorized cards. This will create multiple versions of the same credit card with different names for different authorized buyers. It is important to remember that the owner of the main account is ultimately responsible for all payments and fees.

Step 7- This is the last step in the application. You will be asked to finally read the Terms and Conditions before signing the page and grant, by law, that you accept these terms. If you agree, simply click the box and send!

How to log into Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card

To log in, you must first go to the homepage, after finding the fields on the left, request your username and password, fill them out and click  “log in”.

Forgot password or username

Simply click “Forgot your username or password?”. After entering the required information, Victoria’s Secret will reset your password and give you your username. The information required is the following: User name (if only the password has been lost) or Account number, Social Security number, Postal Cod

Activate the card

You can activate it by calling 1-800-695-9478 or by following the steps provided in the user portal provided. Click “register” on the left side. This process will create an online account at the same time the card is activated. After you get to the next page, if you do not have an account number yet, you will be asked to enter the following data. They are Social Security number, Full name and surnames, Birthdate, Postal Code

After entering this information, you will perform three subsequent stages of sign up.  The creation of credentials, sign up of devices and electronic registration. The card and account will be ready and useful.



Mail Address: Comenity Bank PO Box 182273 Columbus, OH 43218-2273

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