Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card Review




Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card Review

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Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card Summary

  • Designed for people with poor credit
  • Purchase APR 12.24% – 21.99%
  • Balance Transfer APR 12.24% – 21.99%
  • Credit Score Range 600 – 850
  • Annual Fee 0%
  • Annual fee is $25

What is Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card?

The Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card offers great benefits to cardholders, designed for people with poor credit (300-600). This credit card requires a deposit to open the account. It also counts as one of the main credit cards because it transmits monthly information to the major credit reporting agencies, helping you to improve your creditworthiness.

The Wells Fargo secure credit card has few interchangeable features and may not be as rewarding as other, more secured credit cards on the market. But the most noticeable benefit of the Wells Fargo secured credit card is that everyone can apply for this card.

Features of the Wells Fargo Secured Credit Card

The Credit Line is ranging from $ 300 to $ 10,000 depending on the amount you have deposited. Funds are set aside in an interest-free guarantee account until your account is updated or closed.

Your activity relating to the use of card offices is shared by Wells Fargo. You can become eligible to upgrade to an unsecured credit card with responsible use over time.

Online access, automatic payments, and account alerts. Order your monthly expenses compared to your budget with free access to budgeting and monitoring tools.

The Annual fee is $25

Purchase APR is at 21.24%

Grace period is 25 days

Maximum penalty APR – None

Foreign transaction fees – 3%

Cash advance APR is 25.24% (V)

Cash advance fees is 5% (minimum $ 10)

How to Apply for a Wells Fargo Secure Credit card

Go to Micro Center application home page.

In the registration section, enter your personal information with the necessary information; Name and surname, surname, current address, city, state, post code, social security number, e-mail address, date of birth, home phone number, mobile number.

In the financial information section, enter the required information; Home status, employer’s name, work phone number and annual net income.

Check the terms and conditions of your credit card, if you agree,

Click on “Send” to send the application.

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